SAMOS LAND FOR SALE country farm near mytilini, samos, greece

A peaceful farm with newly built property on 33 stremma The farm is located on the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea. Samos is a verdant island enjoying fantastic scenery the north side of the island being particularly verdant with cedar and pin trees giving a feel of Italy and the south side of the island benefitting from winds from Africa making it perfect for growing citrus. The island still has a large agricultural base and a renowned sweet wine. The house is 5 years old, self built by a skilled UK tradesman, sitting on a 33 stremma plot.

The house is 123 sq mtrs, consisting of a large open plan lounge and kitchen, 1 utility room, 2 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one with bath/shower and one with shower) fully double glazed UPV sliding white windows, central heating pipes are fitted under the floor, Wood stove with connection for solar water heater. It has a traditional UK damp proof membrane sub concrete floor. There is also roof space storage accessed by a loft ladder. The property is 99% finished and liveable. There were plans to have a pool and terrace down the length of the house, but this was never completed. The house is totally dry, with no damp or leaks. The house is set in the country side with beautiful views, 5 minutes between the towns of Hora and Mytilini, a very central location for heading to either side of the island. The house and agricultural land are totally fenced in, around 14 stremma. The property covers a large area of land, 33 stremma (1 stremma=1000 square metres=1/4 acre) as can be seen by the bird’s eye view of the land in ‘LOCATION’. It is separated between agricultural and woodland, this gives scope for an additional building to be built on the land based on the Greek rules of house size per stremma, so even though the workable land is 14 stremma the property size for the land is based on the 33 stremma. Within the agricultural land there are 300 olive trees, a vegetable garden and a chicken pen, maintained by a more than ample supply of free running water.

Behind the house there is one large container for storage, it holds a large collection of tools which will be removed at the time of the sale or may be sold for an additional sum, to be agreed. As previously mentioned the house is not complete and should the new buyer be interested I could be paid to complete the works or help arrange for local workers to complete the property to your preferences. The house is being sold under market value due to its unfinished nature and reasons of a personal nature. It is a wonderful location and is definitely worth a look if you are considering buying a property on Samos.

170,000 Euros

A quiet location, a large plot of land with 300 olive trees
and alot of potential to expand


Assuming you know where the Island of Samos is, below is a view of the eastern end of the island  showing location for the farm and the property for sale.

Driving the road between Chora and Mitilini you will dip into a large valley about half way.Turn eastward onto a dirt road. Follow the road approx 1/2 Km and the farm is to the left. The exact location is 37°42'41.68"N, 26°54'44.86"E

Click the map to enable mouse pan/zoom. When the mouse leaves the map the pan/zoom is canceled


The following image is Southward faceing showing the hill and Chora in the distance.

south facing map


farm for sale samos sm

Should you want to view the property or want more information please contact Byron at either the email address or number below

tel: +44 7590 564527